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Go Digital in your Dental Practice with the Dynair Dental Digital X-Ray Phosphor Plate (PSP) Scanner

Dental Digital x-Ray Phosphor Plate (PSP) Scanner has the comfort of film combined with the speed and chemical free benefits of digital x-rays.

Why choose the Dental Digital x-Ray Phosphor Plate (PSP) Scanner?

Direct and Clear Image

Both of our scanner models come with a 10.1-inch super HD touch screen that allows the dentist to see the patient's dental image clearly in seconds.

High image quality: 17 lp/mm resolution and 16 grayscale Fully automatic scanning process. No image adjustments required.

Simple to Operate. Connect with 5G WIFI

Connect to computers without the need for cables. Ready to use, automatic networking. Installation is convenient since the Scanner automatically recognizes and connects with the equipment present in the clinic.

In this way all clinic workers can access the information of each patient registered in the scanner.

Just A Few of Our Features...

The Best - Large Touch Screen

10.1 Inch large HD touch screen, direct and clear

Unique - Independent Information System

Avoid mistakes or troubles, make the stand-alone diagnosis come true

The First - Built-in wireless projection function

Facilitate teaching in clinics or communication between doctors and patients

The pioneer - Fully automatic scanning process

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Designed to work with...

Works with Nearly Every Windows Platform, Management System, and more!

What are you waiting for?

Book an appointment with one of our representatives for more information and costs for the Dynair Dental Digital x-Ray Phosphor Plate (PSP) Scanner!

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