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Panoramic Imaging CBCT Dental System

With dental cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), dentists can capture more detailed images that allow them to view teeth, bone structures, and surrounding tissue from virtually any angle. This allows for a more comprehensive diagnosis and can also expand your dental practice services.



Clear 3D anatomical display of maxillofacial area, generally applied in various dental practice. Accurate 3D images by intelligent imaging technology, observation from any angle of view, accurate measurement of distance, surface area, volume and contour outline.


Optimized tomographic motion and structural rotation, allows for confident diagnosis of both mandible and maxilla areas.


Dual-level alignment of a single X-ray source to produce HD cephalometric images with low noise radiation.

Partial CT

Under the partial CT mode, the image voxel can reach 40-80μm. It also reduces the DAP by 40%, which leads to lower resolution dose.

Model Scanning

Just place the plaster cast or mold in the scanning area to scan. The data will be transferred to the software for subsequent design and clinical application.


Advance Hardware Accurate Imaging

Our advanced algorithms integrate with advanced technology to achieve higher quality, closer to reality images, providing dentists with more accurate clinical information for diagnosis.

Safeguard with patented hybrid pulsed X-ray Technology

The patented hybrid X-ray source technology enables lower dose radiaton, while allowing accurate diagnosis with high-definition images. The X-ray dose can be adjusted according to the patient's age and physique to minimize radiation exposure.

Mass Data-Instantanous Image Reconstruction

Withself-built mass data of clinical images, 3D Pro overturns the traditional iterative reconstruction algorithm by its image reconstruction technology that has greatly enhanced computing capacity. The instantaneously reconstructed mass images have also significantly save the waiting time.

Intelligent Panoramic

The advanced TS technology generates high-definition panoramic images with sufficiently improved image formation rate, and substantially enhances clarity and accuracy of clinical details.

Intelligent Image Noise Reduction

Advance algorithm reduces image noise and distortion, and significantly improves image clarity.

Intelligent Artifacts Removal

Advanced algorithm effectively removes artifacts of high-density substances and produces structurally clearer images.

No scattered radiationis visible in these images.

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