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Dynamic Intra-oral Scanner

Dynamic features industry-leading scanning accuracy and speed, flexible workflow, open and compatible output, simplified cable connection, and full touch screen support, while requiring neither powder nor pre-heating, enabling customers to use the Dynamic IOS with ease and efficiency.

Dynamic Philosophy

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The Dynamic Intraoral Scanner features industry-leading scanning accuracy and speed, flexible workflow, open and compliant output, simplified cable connection, and full touchscreen support, with no need for dusting or preheating, allowing customers to use Dynamic's IOS with ease and efficiency.

Dynamic Intraoral Highlights

High Accuracy

As a result of innovation, Dynamic has reached the best-in-class accuracy level.

The average deviation of a full arch scan is around 20 μm, which can easily meet the needs of various clinical applications including restoration, orthodontics and implant, meanwhile tolerate the impact of scanning techniques.

Fast Scanning

The high-speed vision technology adopted by the Dynamic ensures smooth and fast scanning, which greatly improves work efficiency.

The intelligent scanning engine allows the user to start a scan anywhere, and pick up an interrupted scan quickly.

Easy to Use

The intuitive user interface and flexible workflow allow the user to get started with Dynamic easily, which greatly reduces the training cost.

As the dependency on scanning protocol is minimized, even a newcomer can complete a scan in minutes.

AI Technology

Equipped with AI image processing algorithms, Dynamic can automatically accommodate different scenes such as intraoral, extraoral, metal teeth, etc., and effectively remove unnecessary soft tissues during scanning.

  • Compact Size

  • The Dynamic intraoral scanner is compact and easy to hold though it achieves a 16mm x 14mm high-definition field of view.

  • Reliable System

  • During the product development, the reliability of Dynamic's intraoral scanner is fully designed and verified. In addition, Dynamic 's Intraoral can also withstand a certain degree of drop impacts, which greatly reduces the user's subsequent maintenance costs.

  • Convenient connection

  • Dynamic's IOS does not need a power adapter, it is powered directly by the computer, and thus it is plug-and-play. The simplified connection makes it easier to share scanners between dental chairs.

  • Light Weight

  • Dynamic's IOS is one of the most lightweight scanners on the market. With handle weight 198 grams, it will not cause discomfort even when held for a long time.

  • Vivid Color

  • Dynamic's intraoral scanner produces high-resolution detailed and true-color images, allowing users to distinguish tooth structure and soft tissues, so margin lines and undercut areas can be easily identified.

  • Touchless Control

  • Dynamic's intraoral scanner has a button for switching the upper jaw, lower jaw or bite mode, and two start /stop buttons are provided on both sides, so that users can accurately control the scanning in different holding positions. The motion-capture of Dynamic's IOS allows users to complete the entire process of scanning, optimizing, and exporting without touching the computer, which is more in line with strict infection control requirements.

Dynamic IOS Software Features

Smart Reminder

Audio prompts, indicating current scan status and other situations that users should pay attention to allow users to focus on the patient rather than the computer screen.

Margin Line Tools

The Dynamic's IOS software allows automatic and manual extract of margin lines. With margin lines of the preparation areas in PLY file, the laboratory can design and manufacture the restoration more accurately.

Inspection & Measurement

Dynamic's IOS software provides multiple inspection and measurement tools. By occlusal space check, undercut detection, and distance measurement, users can identify and fix data issues before submitting to the laboratory.

Scan History

With scan history management, users can revisit an earlier scan and continue any operation.

Dynamic's IOS Specifications

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